Declared Fish Habitat Areas

Osprey House Environmental Centre is part of the Hays Inlet / Pine River - Declared Fish Habitat Area. The area was declared on 23 January 1969 and it protects shoal estuarine flats and a major recreational fishing ground and adjacent intertidal fish habitat areas. The Hays Inlet area has stands of milky mangrove (Excoecaria) which are uncommon elsewhere in Moreton Bay.

Hays Inlet FHA

Sign Hays Inlet FHA

What are declared Fish Habitat Areas?
Declared FHAs are protected, undisturbed fish habitats where Queensland’s fish stocks feed, breed and grow.

  • The areas include all types of fish habitats, e.g., seagrass, mangroves, saltmarsh, sand & mud flats, rocky foreshores & coral reefs.
  • They protect the habitats that support our fish stocks which in turn are taken by recreational, commercial and indigenous fishers.
  • They are designated areas that protect fish habitats from development but allow all forms of legal fishing
  • The Declared FHA network benefits Queensland’s economy e.g., by providing fish, filtering nutrients, erosion control.
  • Declared Fish Habitat Areas make your coastal community a better place.

Where are the declared Fish Habitat Areas?

  • There are over 880,000 hectares of high quality fish habitats along the coast of Queensland.
  • Declared FHAs form a network of 70 areas along the Queensland coast from Eight Mile Creek in the Gulf of Carpentaria to Currumbin Creek on the Gold Coast.
  • The first 7 FHAs were all declared in Moreton Bay.