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Talon, The Aussie Osprey is a children’s book which tells the story of the first Osprey chick hatched at Osprey House in Brisbane, Australia. It is illustrated with charming pictures and descriptive text and will appeal to all ages.
The story follows his life from breaking out of his shell through his development and growing strong enough to take his first flight.
Included in the book is the design for the kids to make their own hanging Osprey mobile and some facts about the Aussie Osprey.

Additionally there is an accompanying CD which offers 2 videos; the first which shows Talon’s story from footage recorded from the camera over the top of his family’s nest; the second describes the installation of the nest on a specially built raptor pole and the laying of the egg and subsequent arrival and fledging of Talon, the Aussie Osprey.
Also on the disc you will find a full size version of the mobile which can be printed and made according to the instructions included in the book.

"Talon, The Aussie Osprey" was published  thanks to the support and assistance of Bunya Books, Arts Queensland and Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

The book is priced at $20 and may be purchased online at or directly from Osprey House.

 Talon Book Cover