What's To Do @ Osprey House

welcome to Osprey HouseWander around the House: Osprey House has numerous displays, both static, photograhic and digital, from koalas to snakes and birds to mosquitos.
Osprey House TheatreEnjoy the Osprey House Theatre: Our theatre shows programs about wildlife and the environment on request. Go to our Theatre page to see the latest selections on our program.
BBQHave an BBQ or Picnic: Did you know that Osprey House has a lovely picnic / BBQ area. We have seats and tables, an electric BBQ with tank water available (not recommended for drinking). It is located on the banks of the Pine River beneath a large shade sail alongside the car park. Use of the BBQ is on a first come basis.
Raptor Nesting PoleWatch our Osprey Family: Did you know that Osprey House has a specially designed Nesting Platform? We have a resident pair of raptors, who have successfully raised one chick (2009). There is a camera permanently fixed above the nest, so you can watch without disturbing the birds, from inside Osprey House. Raptor mating / nesting season is between March and September.
BirdhideGo Bird-Watching: Ask one of the Volunteers if you can borrow a pair of binoculars or use a telescope. During Oct-Feb you will see numerous shorebirds, that have flown here from as far away as Siberia, at low tide. At other times you can see Ospreys, Whistling or Brahminy Kites, Kingfishers, etc. The lookouts have new interpretive signage or you can ask for a bird identification sheet to help you. Click Bird_Survey, Bird_Id_Info to download.
Childrens Corner

Children's Corner: Child-size chairs and table are supplied to do colouring-in or puzzles. Osprey House has a number of colour in sheets about the local fauna plus wooden and material puzzles. A small library of reading books is available plus a Touch & Feel Table so they can see examples of insects, skulls, seeds, etc. from the surrounding area. Ask one of the Volunteers for the Osprey House Quiz questions and see if you can find the answers around Osprey House. Older children can do a Litter Survey, you would be amazed at how much litter is collected each year from around Osprey House. Ask a Volunteer for a Litter Survey sheet and undertake the survey around Osprey House. Remember to look but never touch litter. When you have finished you can ask a Volunteer to explain some litter facts that will amaze you.

MangrovesLearn About Mangroves: Did you know that there are 3 types of Mangrove tree species around Osprey House? Ask one of the Volunteers to tell you about the mangroves and why they are so important to the environment. On the boardwalks new interpretive signs showing locations.
DugongLearn About Dugongs: Did you know that there are no longer any Dugongs in Bramble Bay? Ask one of the Volunteers to tell you about the Dugongs, why they are so special and why they no longer live close to Osprey House. A digital slide show explains the biology of Dugong and the threats and dangers that Dugong face and how you can help.
Yali Moyum

Go on the Yali Moyum (Tell the Message) Trail: This short trail interprets the native significance of six environmental features along the Boardwalk. Children can use this trail to go plaque rubbing, simply ask one of the Volunteers to give you some paper and crayons.

SustainabilityLearn about Sustainability: Osprey House has a working worm farm and you, for a gold coin donation, can pick up a bottle of worm “juice” for your garden. Ask one of the Volunteers to tell you about the worm farm, what sort of worms they are and what they feed on. There are displays, static and digital, on Solar Power, Recycling and being Water-wise. There is a donation bin to re-cycle used books.
HistoryLearn About the History of Osprey House: Did you know that Osprey House was built on an old rubbish dump? Ask one of the Volunteers to tell you about the history of Osprey House.
LibraryLook & Learn: Osprey House has a small research library and numerous brochures on flora, fauna and environmental issues. Relax in a comfortale chair and browse the library / brochures that include; Birds, Insects, SEQ Flora & Fauna, Honeyeaters, Possums & Gliders, Vines, Trees, How to Grow Local Native Plants from Seed, Frogs, Koalas, Pigeons & Doves, Fire Ants, Mosquitos, Wild Backyards, Habitat Trees, etc.